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Kellyanne Conway, Queen of the Alternative Facts, was on Michael Smerconish’s CNN show today peddling her lies and memories of the Battle of Bowling Green. She also threw her husband, George, under the bus.

All of this was to promote her book, called “Squid Game,” er “Here’s the Deal.”

But CNN viewers weren’t biting. When the show began, the book was at number 247 on amazon. When she finished, it was at number 323. It’s also number 27 among Memoirs. And dropping.

Over at the New York Times, the book has dropped to number 9. Conway is bragging on her Twitter account that she’s got the number 1 bestseller. She does not, far from it.

Whenever I see her I start humming this tune to the Hollies song, “Hey Kellyanne, what’s your game, can anybody play?”

Its sorta cool that the more she talks on mainstream TV, the book drops on best seller lists. She should stick to OANN, Fox News, and the Pigeon Channel.

Sing along:

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