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All that screaming from Mike Lindell over Wal Mart “dumping” was BS.

The chain of low end stores hasn’t erased or cancelled Lindell or My Pillow at all. They have removed Lindell’s products from their stores but not from their website. They’re selling everything there, including Lindell’s idiotic memoir “From Crack Addict to Insurrectionist” for $29.95.

So what was really going on? Lindell, a noted liar, clearly knew Wal Mart still had all his products for sale on line. He just made it seem like he’d been mortally wounded by Wal Mart to get PR and sympathy. He deserves neither.

Prior to January 6. 2021, Lindell Tweeted and used social media to let his right wing followers know about plans to gather in Washington DC. It’s amazing that he hasn’t been arrested for treason, or interrogated by the January 6th committee.

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