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Three years ago, “Toy Story 4” had a preview night of $12 million.

Last night, “Lightyear,” the prequel to the four Toy Story movies, arrived in previews. It scored $5 million, 60% off from the last outing.

Hey, in this environment, $5 million ain’t bad. Good word of mouth may propel “Lightyear” to a terrific weekend. But as with most of these sequels, prequels, and bagels, by the fifth go round even the most loyal fans are ready for new ideas.c

If “Lightyear” is even a modest success, there will be two more of them. That’s a given. Listen, if Shakespeare were alive we’d be getting movies about various members of the Capulet family, and Rosencrants and Guildenstern’s Excellent Adventure.

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