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Emmy ballots are about go out, and there are plenty of shows and actors to choose from.

In drama, the leaders are “Succession” and “Ozark,” of course. There’s support for “Squid Game,” but I don’t see it happening. “Yellowstone” is very popular but it’s not as good as its forerunner, “Dallas.” Two strong entries: “Better Call Saul” and “Severance.”

For some reason, “Billions,” the best show on TV, is barely listed at all. Showtime does nothing for it. A real puzzler. “Billions” would be my third choice drama after “Succession” and “Ozark.”

But the one I’m most anxious to see get some love is HBO’s “The Gilded Age.” That’s my fourth choice drama. Emmy voters would do well to move Christine Baranski to lead actress, drama for that series. Carrie Coon is fine, but Baranski is spectacular. That would make room for Cynthia Nixon in supporting, as well as Louisa Jacobson. In lead, Baranski would be my choice to run the race with Zendaya, Laura Linney, Melanie Lynskey, and the criminally overlooked Mariska Hargitay.

Also, voters should look at Morgan Spector in lead actor, drama. He’s the Jon Hamm of this generation of TV actors. This is a tough category. But without Paul Giamatti, the best actor in any drama, not getting support from Showtime, Spector fits in pretty well with Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, and Jason Bateman.

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