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Beanie Feldstein is outta here.

The star of Broadway’s “Funny Girl” is exiting the show in September. That will be six months from opening to her farewell.

Jane Lynch is leaving too. She played Fanny Brice’s mother as if she were Sophie Lennon from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” My guess is each of them had “Outs’ and they are taking them.

Usually the cast of a new hit show stays at least 9 months to a year. But Lynch has a busy career, and Beanie’s faced a lot of criticism as Fanny. The show received just 1 Tony nomination, for tap dancer Jared Grimes. Otherwise, it was snubbed (which I think was very wrong of the Tony voters).

The hope is Beanie’s understudy, Julie Benko, who’s filled in a lot for her, will get the permanent job. Everyone who sees her raves about her work. For Mrs. Brice the producers can get someone who looks like Benko. Feldstein and Lynch were an odd mother and daughter in appearance, they looked nothing like each other.

“Funny Girl” is still making over 1 million dollars a week, but it’s in a slow decline. If the producers want to keep it going, they’ll cut costs and rethink the marketing. It can be done.

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