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For its final — we hope — installment, “Jurassic World Dominion” opened with a whopping $143 million weekend. It’s not a record setter, but in this pandemic, inflationary world, it’s not bad.

The last “Jurassic World” movie had an opening of $204 million in 2018, but that was a long time ago in terms of how people even view movies. So this just fine. Universal should be very happy, and so should Steven Spielberg. The “Jurassic” movies are a gift that keep on giving.

Spielberg no doubt suggested the whole “Indiana Jones” bit that is a through line for Sam Neill’s character, right up to the whole episode with the hat. So that’s a double dip right there. I’m surprised “ET” didn’t make an appearance.

Almost all of “Dominion” is stitched together with references to other movies. It’s not going to win any prizes, but it keeps theaters humming and that’s the main thing.

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