Home business Dino’s Stomp Box Office as “Jurassic Park Dominion” Takes in Pre-historic $18...

The dino’s are chomping on everything around them.

Box office previews last night for “Jurassic Park Dominion” exceeded $18 million. That’s $3 million more than the last episode, “Fallen Kingdom.” It’s also the third highest preview night in the last three years.

“Dominion” is now set for at least a $150 million or more opening weekend, maybe higher. And this is despite terrible reviews. No one cares. Everyone wants to see how this thing ends after 29 years.

At the same time, “Crimes of the Future” from Neon Pictures made just $98,317 last night, total of $1.6 mil since last Thursday, it’s deader than the dinosaurs’ victims.

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