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It’s “Halftime” at the Tribeca formerly film Festival.

Last night the Festival opened 12 miles away from Tribeca in Washington Heights with a “documentary” about Jennifer Lopez. Called “Halftime” it debuts on Netflix next week.

“Halftime” refers to JLo’s appearance at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, where she had to share the stage with Shakira. From reviews, it seems she wasn’t happy about that and complained to everyone. Of course, she didn’t have to agree to perform with Shakira. She could have just passed on the offer. But miss a PR opportunity? Never.

The other big takeaway from “Halftime” is that Lopez feels she should have had an Oscar nomination for the 2019 movie “Hustlers.” This shows how out of touch with reality she is, this was never going to happen. She should have watched Christopher Guest’s movie, “For Your Consideration.” There is no Oscar for Best Performance by An Actress That Wasn’t as Bad as You Thought it Would be. And just because you think you should get an Oscar nod, and don’t, that doesn’t mean there are “haters.” It means there are people of discernment.

Lopez is not a bad actress with the right material. We always point to early effort, “Out of Sight,” directed by Steven Soderbergh. But “Hustlers” was not the one. There were actually better performances by Constance Wu and Keke Palmer. But not for the Oscars.

Tribeca meantime scores a lot of PR for last night’s opening but nothing for its film world status. Clearly, the Festival is not about that anymore. Film is just one of many things, and Tribeca is just one of many places. Next year just call it The Festival.

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