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So, I told you last week EXCLUSIVELY that Kellyanne Conway’s book was a bust. “I Lied All the Time” — no the title is “Here’s the Deal” — sold 25,000 copies in its first week. It was a poor showing.

Every outlet that could swiped that story from this column and announced the numbers two days later without credit. This is how it goes.

Today I can tell you that “Alternative Facts: My Story” has dropped out of the Amazon top 100 to number 122. This is after a brief moment last week following my story when the book mysteriously rebounded for a day to number 17. Someone check Claudia Conway’s bedroom for large boxes.

“The Massacre at Bowling Green” is listed as the number 1 non fiction book on the NYTimes Best Seller list. This makes no sense. The number 1 non ficiton book on their list is “My Loofah is Missing,” aka “Killing the Killers” by Bill O’Reilly. The same book is number 22 on amazon. You do the math. You’ll need an abacus.

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