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Since there’s not much in theaters to see, and the audience passed on surgery as the new sex, the news this morning is not a surprise.

“Top Gun: Maverick” made an astonishing $86 million in its second weekend, finishing today at $291 million. Tomorrow it will cross $300 million.

On Friday this thing crossed the $200 million mark! It actually picked up steam!

Most blockbusters in their second weekend fall around 50%. This one declined by only 32%.

What’s going on? When I was in a theater last weekend for “Downton Abbey,” a young woman told me she’d already seen “Maverick” four times. Four times! She could have been reading Proust, or going to an opera, or studying Greek. Instead, she was watching Tom Cruise and co, fly around attacking an unknown enemy and possibly starting World War III! Amazing!

Paramount execs must be drinking all weekend and having wild parties. Several years of silence, except for “A Quiet Place,” have turned up the noize! With a z!

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