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The MTV Movie and Video Awards are being given. And it’s a competition between initials shortening phrases — JLO just beat a bunch of actually qualified people for Song of the Year. LOL. JLO, LOL.

Lopez beat — are you ready — “We Dont Talk About Bruno,”: the Jennifer Hudson song from “Respect,” Dominic Fike’s song from “Euphoria,” and Ariana Grande’s “Just Look Up” from “Don’t Look Up.”

What did she win with? Her song from a movie no one remembers already, called “Marry Me.” Know it? I didn’t think.

But it turns out MTV is giving JLO something called the Generation Award. So they couldn’t let her lose the only music award of the evening, even if it was preposterous.

No one is watching this show, as you might guess. And no one should. This is why awards shows no longer matter to the TV audience. They’ve been utterly devalued by these promotional trade offs with celebrities. The MTV Awards are no different than the People’s Choice. And how can a viewer or fan know the difference between this knock off kind of awards show and something semi-serious, like Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, Tony’s?

PS An infomercial documentary about Olivia Rodrigo just beat the Beatles “Get Back” project by Peter Jackson. I am howling.

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