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UPDATE SAT EVENING: Variety is saying “Crimes” made $490K over Thursday and Friday. That would mean a $1 million opening weekend. Stay tuned…

SAT MORNING: Surgery is the new sex! Have a few ears added to your face!

Apparently, the movie theater audience does not agree, and is too squeamish to find out watching David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future.”

The reportedly gory “body horror” movie is not selling tickets. Just a cursory look through Fandango shows almost no advance tickets purchased anywhere. I used Miami as a ground zero where there are no tickets sold for tonight so far at any of their theaters.

Neon, the small distributor which had a stroke of luck with “Parasite” and some success with “Titane,” a foreign language horror film of sorts, did not report box office numbers for Thursday or for last night. They may not have any to report even though “Crimes” is in 900 theaters. If they are 900 empty theaters, however, the new surgery might be excising “Crimes” earlier than expected.

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