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This is crazy. Until last night, the Rolling Stones never played their 1966 hit “Out of Time” on stage. They included the crazy catchy song in their first show in Madrid last night.

Why? Who knows? I always hoped to hear it. “Out of Time” opened the great Hal Ashby movie, “Coming Home,” in 1977. That’s when it was rediscovered. Previously, “Out of Time” had turned up as an afterthought on “More Hot Rocks” after appearing on the Stones album “Aftermath” a decade earlier. Plenty of people have covered it including Elvis Costello.

Maybe Charlie Watts didn’t like it, and now that he’s gone the Stones are playing it. Maybe there was no room for it but now that “Brown Sugar” has sadly been retired, “Out of Time” has a slot. Whatever the reason, when the Stones return to the States they’d better include it. It’s such a great song.

PS The whole Madrid show was streamed, and I see it’s all over YouTube. This band is amazing. They’re 100,000 years old and have more energy than teenagers!

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