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Here’s the deal: Kellyanne Conway’s book is a dud.

The memoir of her time lying to the American people and making a mockery of everything is sales fizzle.

“Here’s the Deal” sold just 25,000 copies in its first week. The second week should be a lot less, too. The book has already dropped to number 126 on amazon’s best seller list.

Compare Conway’s sales to those of Donald Trump’s dissenting niece, Mary Trump. Her first book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” clocked 1.35 million in his debut week. Michelle Obama? Her “Becoming” was well over a million, as well. And even Donald Trump himself sold about 240,000 copies of a coffee table book last winter, which is now being used as a large coaster. (It was self published by Trump’s self-parody of a son, Donald Jr.)

“Here’s the Deal” is published by Threshold Editions, a sub imprint at Simon & Schuster founded by conservative pundit and former Reagan-Bush lieutenant Mary Matalin, who’s still married after all these years to outspoken liberal and Clinton disciple James Carville.

Conway became famous for making stuff up during her incessant yakking on TV as Donald Trump’s spokesperson. She invented the “Battle of Bowling Green” among other things. Her infamy rose as her husband, George Conway, began tweeting against Trump on an hourly basis. Then her teenage daughter, Claudia, turned against her publicly. Seeing the writing on the wall, that Trump would lose the 2020 election, Conway resigned in August 2020.

Book sales numbers are from NPD Book Scan.

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