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Big news: tonight “Top Gun: Maverick” will cross the $200 million mark. It opened one week ago tonight. That’s just 7 days. Last night, the sequel to the mid 80s film made $14 million, mid week. There’s no sign of a slowdown. Still waiting for updates on international numbers…

“Downton Abbey: A New Era” is hitting $32 million tonight and could be at $40 million by Sunday. The audience is building slowly. I went back to see it on Sunday afternoon and the place was filled. It wasn’t just senior citizens, either. There were young people, not white, and they told me they’d become fans of the TV series. So “DA” cuts across everything.

Disney announced today that “Doctor Strange 2” will go to DisneyPlus on June 22nd. It will be 45 days and $900 million worldwide when that happens. So everyone’s happy, especially Benedict Cumberbatch, who didn’t have to wait for a great drama and an Oscar to make his career. He’s set for life. But it would be nice if he had those other things one day, too.

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