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Yes, Tom Cruise has finally had a $100 million opening weekend. He’s also set the record for Memorial Day weekend.

No, “Top Gun Maverick” is not an Oscar movie.

“Maverick” through today has $156 million in the bank in the US. Yesterday’s record was set at $124 million. Overseas, there’s another $124 million at least. The worldwide total is heading toward $300 million.

No one expected less, folks. This is not a surprise. Paramount spent around $50 million to get it there.

“Maverick” will make at least $500 million worldwide. It sets up the star and the studio for the two “Mission Impossible” movies coming 2023 and 2024.

However, “Maverick” is not a Best Picture nominee. Tom is not a Best Actor nominee. The planes might get nominated. Jennifer Connelly could get a nod for looking great. But “Maverick” will be a hit with the Critics Choice Awards and maybe the Golden Globes, if they return. The People’s Choice Awards will love it. But no big Oscars. It’s a really great action movie, which is fine thing. Let’s appreciate it for what it is.

By the way, Cruise is still the celebrity leader of a dangerous religious cult. It’s called Scientology and his participation has been well documented. He also, as far anyone knows, hasn’t seen his 16 year old daughter in years. They’re “disconnected” because she’s being raised outside the cult.

Reality bites.

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