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It’s not like Netflix needed any more trouble this month.

“Stranger Things,” Season 4 opens with a 9 minute sequence in which all but one of the children being tested in the Hawkins Lab by Dr. Brenner is massacred. In light of the Uvalde, Texas killings, this is poor timing to say the least.

Netflix has added a warning to the start of the episode. But even so, if you watch it. and it’s free on YouTube for all to see, it’s quite startling. There’s also the suggestion that “11” (Millie Bobby Brown) is responsible for the killings. The Duffer Brothers could not have known that Uvalde would happen, but the scene is very graphic. There have been plenty of other school shootings before this season was filmed. I guess no one thought this would be a bad idea.

The rest of “Stranger Things” has dropped on Netflix, and it’s very, very long. Each episode is the length of a movie. I was happy with the end of Season 3, but you know, why stop there when you can milk something til it’s exhausted?

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