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“Top Gun Maverick” will give Tom Cruise his biggest opening weekend everf, and his first $100 million ever.

Last night “Maverick” took in $32 million. Add to Thursday previews and we have an official opening night of $51 million. The movie is pointed to a $120 mil opening three day weekend.

That might be a little lower than expected. But for Cruise, who is not a traditional box office king, it’s great news. It’s especially good in the post-pandemic climate with audience still sketchy about hitting theaters.

So the movie is making its money back quickly, and Cruise, who likely has a huge stake in gross profits and dollar one, can afford to heap money on Scientology now down in Clearwater, Florida. Thank Xenu! Also thank director Joseph Kosinski, Christopher McQuarrie, Jerry Bruckheimer, and a very talented cast.

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