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Books by Trump supporters and confidantes, former employees at the White House are not selling very well.

Chief lackey and lying flack Kellyanne Conway released a memoir this week called “Here’s the Deal.” It’s number 28 35 45 74 as of Tuesday among all books on amazon.com and number 40 161 on Barnes and Noble’s website. Conway has stayed loyal to Trump in the book, not criticizing him, but has thrown husband George under the Twitter train. There’s a limited audience for this kind of propaganda. We’ll see next week what the hard sales numbers are.

We do know the numbers for Dr. Deborah Birx’s book about her time working with Dr. Anthony Fauci for Trump. NPD Bookscan says she sold 4,200 copies of “Silent Invasion,” which isn’t much but it’s a lot considering Birx was totally complicit with the Trump team. She was known for wearing scarves but not much for medical professionalism.

The book is number 3,633 on amazon.com.

When Trump suggested that everyone should use Clorox or ultraviolet light to cure COVID, Birx just nodded head. Who would give her money now for a book? Or Conway? Even Republicans have to pay for gas and groceries.

The real book we’re waiting for would be from Claudia Conway, when she turns 21 and can tell us what was really going on in her parents’ home during the last year of Trump in the White House. I hope she’s got journals hidden away somewhere!

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