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Give Patti Lupone her Tony Award — and a raise.

Before May 11th, the box office at the much praised revival of “Company” was so-so. The week ending May 8th produced receipts of $617,117. It marked the third week in a row of steep declines.

Then came May 11th. At a talk back after the performance, the Tony winner and Broadway legend cursed out an audience member who wasn’t wearing their COVID mask properly. “Company” was plagued this winter and spring with COVID backstage.

Lupone said: “Put your mask over your nose — that’s why you’re in the theater. That is the rule. If you don’t want to follow the rule get the fuck out. I’m serious.” The audience inside the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre cheered.

The news traveled fast thanks to video on social media. Lupone made headlines. And the result PR wise has been huge. That week, box office soared to $720,000. It rose again this past week to $726K. Maybe Patti should tell off more of the theater goers, or go around to other shows as well!

Of all the musical revivals this season, “Company” most deserves the Tony Award. And Patti deserves her Featured Actress in A Musical award. But she also might get a commission!

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