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The word from Cannes is that a lot of people could not stomach David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future.”

Cronenberg predicted there would be walk outs and apparently there were a lot. The film starring Viggo Mortensen and Lea Seydoux is not easy to watch.

Kyle Buchanan of the NY Times wrote: “I counted around 15 who exited during the film’s first press screening. Maybe walkouts are the new standing ovation!”

Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter Tweeted: “CRIMES OF THE FUTURE marks a return for 79yo Cronenberg to the sort of body horror for which he made his name. It’s smart, creative, thought-provoking and yes, very f—ing weird. Viggo/Lea’s committed perfs help to make it plausible. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for the Academy.

The headline for the LA Times review: Surgery, sex and superfluous human organs converge in David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’

I was really sad that I couldn’t get to Cannes this year. But all I keep reading about are movies with gross scenes, movies that involve puking and other scatological messes that no one in the real wants to see for $15. But knowing the way things work now, they’ll probably put these films on IMAX screens!

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