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Weekend box office: it all goes to “Doctor Strange,” which is now reeling in second and third timers in waves.

The Marvel phenom is now flirting with $350 million, ending the weekend just $8 below that magic number. The landmark should come by Wednesday if not sooner.

“Downton Abbey: A New Era” finished with just over $16 million, down 50% from the 2019 movie. This film will have a big life on streaming and VOD. Also, I think it was a mistake not to tell passionate fans what happens in the film. So here goes: there’s a major character death that’s beautifully acted and executed. If you loved the series, you must see this movie.

And then were “Men.” Or was? These Men are not at Work. The A24 horror film didn’t scare anyone. Total $3.3 million. It was low budget but still…

Now we wait for this Thursday night’s “Top Gun Maverick” previews. Tom Cruise is not generally a box office killer. But this film has had extraordinary marketing and publicity plus great reviews. It could be the biggest grosser of Cruise’s career.

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