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The new “American Idol” is 20 year old Noah Thompson, a white country singer. He is one of the most boring winners ever hands down, someone you will never remember or think of again.

Thompson beat HunterGirl, real name Hunter Wolkonowski, a 23 year old country singer. She looked like she might win, and should have, so the end of the show was a real surprise.

Of course the sad part of “American Idol” is that they got rid of all the Black contestants, the overweight ones, the interesting people, the fringe performers. “Idol” managed to winnow down their large stable of players until they got Cheez Whiz and Gee Whiz.

The really nasty moment was when they sent home Jay Copeland, a young Black singer with an amazing voice. Every week the judges raved about him, set him up as the certain winner. And then the audience swatted him away. I just hope Copeland gets his Jennifer Hudson revenge and winds up having a HUGE success away from the show. Then “Idol” will come running back to him to promote the show, LOL.

“American Idol” is a joke. It ended with a whimper.

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