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Harry Styles is dropping his “Harry’s House” album at midnight.

All the songs are by Thomas Hull and Tyler Johnson, with, of course, a dash of Harry in the byline.

One of the songs, called “Daydreaming,” is a sample/cover/interpolation of a Quincy Jones/Brothers Johnson song from the 70s.

Another, called “Boyfriends,” is co-written by Tobias Jesso, who’s made his name with Adele.

Harry is a fun, very likeable pop star whose music sounds like something you’ve heard before, but you just can’t put your finger on it. His hit, “As it Was,” is a cousin of A-Ha’s old hit, “Take On Me.” And you know what? No one cares! “As It Was” has been a big hit in spite of that or because of that. Today Harry played the Today show in the pouring rain dressed as a barber pole. Everyone loved it.

So we wait for midnight. But “Harry’s House” — which is no reference to the Joni Mitchell song — is going to be a smash out of the box. If there were a box.

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