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So you’re making a movie, a low budget one. With the same producer you made another one, called “Crown Vic,” which lost all its money.

On the new movie, called “Rust,” you’re handed a loaded gun, fire it, accidentally kill the cinematographer and wound the director.

The movie is cancelled. You’re sued by everyone.

So what do you do? Why not start a new production company with the very same producer?

That’s what Alec Baldwin has done. He’s gone into business with Anjul Nigam, the man behind “Crown Vic” and “Rust.” The new company is called Persona, short for Persona Non Grata. Nigam’s biggest credit is playing a recurring background character on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

By the way, “Crown Vic” cost $3.6 million and took in just $3,868 worldwide, so it’s not like something you’d point to as a success.

And “Rust”? Halyna Hutchins died. She is dead. Her child is without a mother. Her husband is a widower. No one ever wants to see that movie in any form.

Baldwin has some strange idea that if he keeps moving forward, making movies and more children, everyone will forget what happened. But they will not.

The new movie is aptly titled, “False Awakening.” T

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