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The Billboard Music Awards were a ratings disaster last night.

No surprise considering Sean Combs, the host, made an angry video insisting that Travis Scott and Morgan Wallen be included in the show.

Dick Clark Productions, NBC, MRC — which owns Billboard and DCP — not one of them made an editorial decision to keep out either of the two controversial performers.

But the audience got the message and ignored the show. Just 2.1 million viewers tuned in. NBC was clobbered by CBS with “The Equalizer” — which THREE TIMES the number of viewers– and ABC with its own music hit. “American Idol,” at 4.6 million.

Not all the misery was dumped at NBC’s door. Fox’s “The Simpsons” came in under 1 million again, for the 5th week in a row, at 942,000.

It’s so interesting that the potential viewers for the Billboard Music Awards got the message about Scott, who is in the middle of the AstroWorld tragedy and lawsuits, and Morgan Wallen, who infamously used the “N” word on a home video and has been celebrated by his fans for it.

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