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Tonight, “SNL” is new with Selena Gomez as host and the face tatooed Post Malone as musical guest.

But Pete Davidson is unlikely to make an appearance.

Davidson has been gone from the show beginning February 26th when he went off to shoot an indie horror film in Staten Island, of all places.

He’s made one video appearance since then. He also turned up with Kim Kardashian and her den of thieves at the Met Ball.

But it doesn’t seem like Pete is coming back. Kim and her crew live far away in suburban Calabasas, California. Pete is now part of their cult of vultures. The hope is he won’t be diverted the way all the other men have who’ve been through that mill including and not limited to Lamar Odom, Kanye West, Kim Humphries, and the no longer extant Bruce Jenner.

Pete is 28, and had so much potential. Lorne Michaels still has him penned in for a sitcom about Pete playing himself.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a pop up cameo tonight. But I wouldn’t count on it. With Selena as host, I’d put money on Steve Martin and Martin Short surprising us instead.

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