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Well, meh ratings for established shows won out at ABC over looking for replacements.

The alphabet network renewed “The Conners,” “The Wonder Years,” and “Home Economics” whether we like it or not. They had already renewed “The Goldbergs” despite its star, Jeff Garlin, being gone.

ABC also renewed the soap drama “A Million Little Things” and “Big Sky.” ABC owns the latter show so they’re sticking with it even if no one watches it. Here’s a little twist on that one, however. When “Big Sky” premiered two years ago, Ryan Phillippe was touted as the star. But they killed him off in the first episode. Now they’re bringing in “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles, who looks like a younger Phillippe, for Season 3. I guess ABC increased their budget.

“A Million Little Pieces”– that’s one of those ABC shows you know is there, but knows what’s going on.

All of these shows I liken to furniture filling up a big room. It’s too expensive to buy nice new stuff, so you keep re-covering it and hope no one notices the cushions need to be stuffed.

I used a picture here of John Carroll Lynch and Ryan Phillippe from the first episode of “Big Sky.” They were each killed off — Lynch twice, actually.

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