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Will NBC accede to Sean P Diddy Combs? He’s demanding that rapper Travis Scott appear on the Billboard Awards this Sunday on NBC.

Will NBC go along with it? The Astroworld tragedy resulted in 12 deaths and dozens of injuries. Today a woman who was pregnant and lost her baby in the melee sued Scott, Live Nation, and others. The woman is Shanazia Williamson and she won’t be watching NBC on Sunday night, that’s for sure. She blames Scott for her miscarriage.

On Monday Diddy posted: “I made a request. I made a demand. I said, ‘My brother Travis Scott has to perform,’” the 52-year-old revealed. “I’m executive producing, he has to perform,’ and NBC said ‘yes.’ It’s going down Sunday, Travis Scott will be performing … now that’s love.”

Then yesterday came this video. Look at the rage in his eyes. This is the Sean Combs we don’t see all the time, the one who beat Steve Stoute over the head with a Champagne bottle, who got into a fracas in a NYC nightclub and escaped with Jennifer Lopez.

Combs says in this video: “I’mma do whatever the f-ck I want to do, whenever however the f-ck I want to do it,” he said. “You know why? Cause I’m the freeiest n-gga in the world, end of discussion. Meet me at the Billboard Music Awards, OK. May 15, Live from Las Vegas.”

If NBC and Dick Clark Productions put Travis Scott on that awards show, they are finished. Combs is also intent on having country star Morgan Wallen perform, which makes no sense since Wallen was “cancelled” for using the “N” word in a home video.
I guess we’re really looking forward to Diddy’s return to the music business this summer.

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