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Last night’s penultimate episode of The Masked Singer, season 7, was a ratings disaster for Fox.

The reality game show dropped 29.1% from last week in total viewers to just 2.9 million from last week’s 4 million.

In the key demo, the numbers were worse: a 39.4% drop among people aged 18 to 49.

Where did everyone go? Was it a delayed response to Rudy Giuliani’s controversial appearance a month ago? On the April 20th episode, judge Ken Jeong walked off the show when the loathsome Rudy was revealed to be under a hideous mask. His own face was hideous enough when exposed.

Was it something about Nick Cannon?

Last night’s episode was the second to last of the season. It was a live recap of everything that had happened in the prior episodes leading up to that moment, and speculating about next week’s finale.

It wasn’t like the viewers went over to ABC to watch their comedies– because they remained unpopular with fewer than 3 million viewers. Did everyone go to NBC to watch the “Chicago” PD, Med, and Fire shows? Unlikely, but they won the night.

Maybe just reasonable people said to themselves, Enough of this junk. I’m going to read a book or listen to music, or braid my toenails. But they left “The Masked Singer” high and dry.

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