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COVID is still wreaking havoc in the live music world.

Today ex Fleetwood Mac star Lindsey Buckingham announced he’s cancelling his European tour because he’s still suffering the effects of COVID. His band is also infected.

Last week, Aimee Mann — who postponed her tour last winter but resumed it this spring — had to cancel the rest of her tour because two of her band members fell ill.

Mann wrote: “I was chastised early on when lining up for my vaccination. Musicians like ourselves are often exposed to a variety of bugs, being in such tight social spaces. I’ve blown my nose through entire sets, did a week with a torn Achilles but this is clearly another level. Being a solo performer, the stress level is extremely high. If I were to contact Covid in the midst of a tour, not only would my health be compromised, potentially in a long term way that could hinder my lung power or mind, but I would then suffer the financial injury of lost dates, travel costs – a fate that gives me even greater pause! The weight of an entire band makes my head spin. Still there’s a push for all of us in this business to take the plunge, regardless of continued denial, current infection rates and relaxed health measures. The joy of playing again is undeniable but it’s more of a gamble than ever to tour. Hoping for a smooth recovery for Paul and everyone else.”

Kudos to big tours like Paul McCartney who are carrying on. This is no fun for anyone. It’s also the reason that Patti Lupone took down that audience member the other day. All performers are afraid of becoming ill, and for good reason!

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