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Nothing strange about “Doctor Strange.”

The Marvel-Disney blockbuster took in $54 mil Friday night, making its opening total $90 mil including previews.

The total should be around $200 million.

The first “Doctor Strange” did a fraction of that in 2016.

Word of mouth is strong and so are the reviews. “Doctor Strange” is a good movie. As directed by Sam Raimi, it’s fun, makes its own kind of sense, is easy to follow, and has exciting special effects.

Not only that, but the acting is top notch for this kind of film. Elisabeth Olsen is wonderful as Wanda/The Scarlet Witch. Benedict Cumberbatch, who should be getting Oscars in serious movies, is sensational here. And Benedict Wong is a standout as Wong, Doctor Strange’s wing man. And let’s not forget Rachel McAdams and Chiwetel Ejiofor. This might be the classiest casting ever for a Marvel film.

Kevin Feige strikes again!

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