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Steve Burton, who was part of “General Hospital” on and off for 30 years, is now in his own real life soap opera.

Yesterday, Burton announced that he was separated from his wife of 23 years and that she was pregnant with someone else’s baby.

The couple has three children of their own.

Just a few months ago, Burton was fired from “General Hospital” because he refused to get vaccinated. He was in violation of ABC Disney policy. He recently landed a five episode gig on NBC’s “Days of out Lives,” which is produced by Sony TV. Evidently, they don;t have a vaccine mandate.

It’s hard to imagine someone posting this on social media, but here we go. It’s definitely a new world in which there is no such thing as debasing oneself in public. Here, Burton has thrown himself, his wife, and his children all under the bus at the same time. This would only happen on a soap opera.

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