Home Celebrity Paul McCartney Seems to Have Retired “Yesterday,” Hasn’t Performed It Since 2018

I’m getting excited about Paul McCartney’s new tour. It just launched in Spokane, Washington, and comes to Giants Stadium on June 16th, two days before Paul’s 80th birthday.

Reports from the early shows are ecstatic, of course. Paul is playing lot of Beatles, Wings, and solo hits.

But one song he’s not playing is his most famous: “Yesterday.” It wasn’t included in his 2019 “Freshen Up” tour and hasn’t appeared in the new set lists. In fact, McCartney hasn’t played “Yesterday” since 2018. Even then, the famed mega hit was only heard 5 times.

Is Paul tired of “Yesterday”? He’s talked about it a lot in the recent documentaries. We all know the story of how he dreamed it, and thought it couldn’t be original. The first lyrics were “Scrambled eggs” until he wrote in the words we’ve all come to know so well.

Maybe by the time Paul’s “Get Back: tour hits the NY area he’ll relent and revive “Yesterday.” I sure hope so. It’s not long and doesn’t have a lot of instrumentation, for god’s sake. But to many, it’s the song that ‘made’ the Beatles.

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