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POLITICO is reporting that the White House Correspondents Dinner COVID cases are starting to report in.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who got an award on Saturday night, saw two lines pop up on his little testing kit.

Guess who he was sitting next to? Why, “Marilyn Monroe of KMart,” aka Kim Kardashian.

Last night, Kimmy and bf Pete Davidson were in the thick of it at the Met Ball, which I told you would be a super spreader. So keep your eyes and ears open. Will Kim or Pete test positive? Even if they don’t, will they have transmitted the virus in the Temple of Dendur? Did they give it to Karl or vice versa?

The testing usually shows up 48 hours after the event. So the White House dinner folks will know by today or tomorrow. The Met Ball guests should start saying their prayers.

PS There were a stunning 8,563 reported cases yesterday in NYC.

PS Lady Gaga was NOT at the Met Ball, she was in Las Vegas working. Apparently, an old picture of her was used everywhere.

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