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Well, this is pretty interesting.

Last week, Tom Cruise couldn’t get to Las Vegas for Cinema Con and the presentation of “Mission Impossible 7.” He sent a video. He obviously didn’t want to meet the fans, let alone the press.

But last night, Tom managed to get to Vegas to see Lady Gaga’s show. As I told you exclusively last year, Cruise commissioned Gaga to write the song for “Top Gun Maverick” after seeing her in concert. He chucked the song– and the singer– that had already been hired. I can tell you that those people are not so thrilled with him.

Gaga’s song, called “Hold My Hand,” drops tomorrow or tonight after midnight. “Maverick,” which got ecstatic reviews from the CinemaCon captives, screens next week and opens at the Cannes Film Festival.

PS Tom and Gaga appear to be about the same height in these pictures.

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