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Getting your frock ready for tomorrow night’s Met Ball?

With 600 people coming, even four shots — the first two vaccines and two more boosters — may not be enough to protect guests from getting COVID at the annual freak show.

Recent large gatherings like the Gridiron Dinner in Washington, and Clive Davis’s 90th birthday party in downtown Manhattan proved to be quick super spreaders for many who attended. At least 73 people who attended the Gridiron Dinner came down with COVID, according to reports.

Tweeting from last night’s almost certain petri dish, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, reporter Jada Yuan wrote: “This room is like a horror film. No exits. Literally getting trapped between tables. Fear of breathing near people but people are everywhere. Creeping sense that you’re the only one who know this is insane.”

The dinner boasted 2,600 guests at 200 tables.

Even if the Temple of Dendur gang is fully tested all day tomorrow, their chances of getting sick by Wednesday are pretty good. On Friday, the CDC reported 3,117 new cases of COVID in New York City. The seven day average is 2,364.

Of course, the main guests — the Kardashians — don’t care, and if they get sick — they may be impervious to it with some much plastic filler protecting them — they’ll just film it for their reality show. But real A listers, people who have to work this week shooting TV shows, making movies, or appearing live on Broadway, may not be so amused when the two lines show up on the white stick.

By mid week, the ER may be the new hot spot in town. Paparazzi, prepare!

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