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If you’re going to “Funny Girl” this weekend, this joke’s on you.Star Beanie Feldstein, who plays Fanny Brice. is out of the show, not with COVID but for a friend’s wedding. She wasn’t on stage Friday night, today’s two performances, and tomorrow as well. She’s scheduled to return on Tuesday.

It’s no surprise if Feldstein did test positive. Her co-star, Ramin Karimloo, dropped out of the show for 10 days beginning on Thursday. Karimloo plays Nicky Arnstein. And he tested positive right after opening night.

This is the worst timing for COVID troubles. Tony voters are making their way through all the Broadway shows so they can cast ballots starting next week. But between the casts getting sick, and the voters also susceptible, the Tony deadline had to be extended til May 9th.

Feldstein and Karimloo needn’t worry, though. They should be cinches for Best Actress and Actor in Musical unless something really goes sideways. They’re knockouts in their roles, the first actors to take them on since the show finished its four year run on Broadway in 1968.

PS Julie Benko, Feldstein’s standby, is on her for all weekend. Her next stint as Fanny Brice, already scheduled, will be at the end of August.

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