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This afternoon live on CNBC, Bill Murray addressed the shut down of the movie “Being Mortal” and his responsibility in the matter.

Murray tells the CBNC reporters basically that “times have changed…what I thought was funny when I was a child isn’t anymore.” He doesn’t name names but the only woman he was working with on the movie was Keke Palmer, who evidently didn’t enjoy whatever Murray did, and took it the top of the food chain. Her Instagram post is at bottom.

Murray says in the interview that they’re trying to work it out, the only discussion going on is between the two actors and the studio — Disney Searchlight — is not involved. He doesn’t actually apologize but he sounds sorry and a tad confused about how this all went down.

“Being Mortal” also starred Seth Rogen, and is written and directed by Aziz Ansari.  Murray was interviewed for CNBC at the Berkshire Hathaway stock holders meeting. He’s got the stock and Warren Buffet is apparently an old friend.

Palmer wrote on Instagram:
It’s not always about how good you are at the actual job… It’s about how you show up to the job. Are you on time? Do you have a good attitude? Are you efficient? Are you flexible? Are you calm under fire? Do you represent yourself and the employer well? Are you a good communicator?

These are the things people sometimes don’t think matters, especially those who work in fields that come natural to them. It can double your rate in any field if you create an enjoyable EXPERIENCE for the client. And it can lower your rate when people don’t like the experience of working with you, no matter the outcome of the actual task.

I’m talented but I’m not arrogant enough to believe that there aren’t many talented people. However, not every talented person is a professional and people PAY for PROFESSIONALISM.

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