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This is pathetic. “Corrective Measures” is yet another B movie that trades on poor Bruce Willis’s name.

In the trailer to this heap of crap, Willis says few words and looks like a zombie. He’s the only actor from the movie not interviewed for the trailer and promo clip.

For the last few years I restrained myself from saying this, but Willis’s inside circle is using him. He’s had dementia for years, and now his family admits to aphasia as his latest condition. Now he can’t speak at all. When he made these forgettable bits of celluloid junk Willis had to have to his one or two lines fed into an ear piece or repeated to him. He’s usually in one or two scenes that are cut up and shown throughout these “movies.”

Now that Willis’s condition has been conceded, looking back at all the trailers is even more alarming, I think. If Bruce understood what was going on, he’d be livid.

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