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Elon Musk has bought Twitter outright in a deal worth $44 billion. That’s right. @JackDorsey, who was gone, is now really gone. The inmates are running the asylum.

The reaction on Twitter is fear and loathing. Will Musk reinstate Donald Trump and all the other crazy right wing freaks that have been banned for the last two years? That’s the biggest crisis facin the social media platform now.

But will Musk risk his whole Tesla operation to try something so crazy? Bringing back Trump et al would certainly jeopardize the customer base that has made him so rich. And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of options for people wanting electric cars but no longer wanting the Musk-Trump connection. Teslas could soon be all over the secondary market if Musk brings Trump back to Twitter.

So we wait and see who Musk puts on his board and what his first moves are. My guess is none of this happens, Trump et al remain off the platform, and life goes on. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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