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It was a good Friday night only for the animated film, “The Bad Guys.”

Otherwise, best efforts produced little results with big and small budget efforts.

Focus Features’ “The Northman” went south with audiences so far indifferent to the Viking tale. The Robert Eggers epic, which cost at least $90 million, took in just $5 million total for Thursday and Friday. The weekend total will be around $10 million unless word of mouth spreads like crazy today. Maybe international audiences will go for it, but in the US these Vikings are going to remain a myth.

Things aren’t looking so rosy for Nicholas Cage and his “Massive Talent” meta movie. With just $3 million on Friday including $830,000 on Thursday, the unbearable weight of this comedy will be on the investors. A total weekend of $8 million is what they can hope for at this point.

“Fantastic Beasts 3” aka “The Secrets of Dumbledore” dropped 79% from last Friday to last night and now stands at $57.5 million. It may finish the weekend at $65 million in the US but we are at the point of diminishing returns.

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