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That’s it for CNN Plus.

The streaming service was a minus on Warner Discovery’s books, and now it’s over. The New York Times says it’s shutting down on April 30th.

What will happen to news personalities like Chris Wallace and Kasie Hunt who were brought over from Fox News and NBC News, respectively? Their agents and lawyers must be going crazy.

But no one knew where CNN Plus was, or what it was, or how to find it. It had a failure to launch, in simple terms. A few days ago it was reported that Warner Discovery, the new version of Time Warner whatever, had suspended all marketing and fired the COO. The writing was on the wall.

Part of the problem was without Jeff Zucker running CNN, and the parent company being sold, no one had a vision for what this was supposed to be. We all hate Fox News, but they birthed Fox Nation with a plan. And now it’s up and running.

One day, CNN will return to streaming. But for now, the dream is dead.

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