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Ratings, ratings, ratings!

“Blackish” wrapped up 8 award winning classy seasons last night on ABC. It went out with a whimper, I’m afraid. Just 2.4 million million watched the show end its run.

But look, it’s all good. “Blackish” made real stars out of Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. It launched Kenya Barris, and had spin offs. “Blackish” was the rare network comedy to get Emmy nominations. Its legacy is preserved. And there would be no “Abbott Elementary” without it.

Over on NBC, Mondays are bleak. Absolutely no one is watching “American Song Contest” or “Endgame.” The former is hosted by Kelly Clarkson, dressed like a sofa, and Snoop Dogg, who has no idea where he is. The latter is one of those mystery generic NBC shows no one watches or realizes is on television.

On Monday, the pair of shows averaged 1.5 million viewers all night. That’s about 4 million less than everything else on the other networks including “American Idol.” Why NBC would put a singing show on against “Idol” is anyone’s guess. Masochism? With ABC plotting the return of Monday Night Football, NBC might think about putting on some actual shows to replace these.

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