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Only on a soap opera can dead characters return for new episodes.

Indeed, that’s what’s happening on NBC’s “Days of our Lives.” Peter Reckell, who on the show for years and years, is returning for a streaming series on Peacock called “Beyond Salem.” It really is ‘beyond’ since his character was killed off years ago quite definitely.

The new “Beyond Salem” will run for a week in July and include Kristian Alfonso, who quit “Days” a couple of years ago and vowed never to return. Never say never, kids. Also in this “Beyond Salem” will be all the “Days” regulars including Deidre Hall, who started playing Marlena Evans in 1921 and has not aged one day.

The logline for the show calls it “an adventure of a lifetime” and it sure will be if Reckell turns up as a ghost, or it’s revealed he had a twin brother no one knew about, or the ailment that killed him didn’t and he’s been held captive at NBC all this time. “Days of our Lives” can pull it off, I’m sure. They just won a Writers Guild Award for best daytime drama.

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