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Yikes. That was over fast.

On its second night of release, “Father Stu” succumbed to a cold death with a 50% fall off from night one.

The total was just $775,000, down from $1.55 million on Wednesday.

Call the priest, close the coffin, get the pallbearers. It’s over.

Audiences have simply rejected everything about this movie on an Unholy Thursday. It’s going to a Bad Friday.

Are we surprised? There are really great faith based movies that audiences embrace as genuine. Everything about this project has the feeling of a cash-in according to reviewers who largely panned it. Wahlberg may be sincere in his intentions, but involving Mel Gibson and his babymama Rosalind Ross — the latter to direct her only feature film, no less — was a mistake. I’m surprised. Wahlberg has made mostly smart moves as a producer in the past. Here he had a tin ear.

This was also a huge error on Sony’s part after a series of recent smart successes.

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