Home Television Ratings: “The Conners” Hits All Time Low With All of ABC Wednesday...

It was not a happy Wednesday on ABC.

“The Conners” hit an all time low, following the rest of the ABC Wednesday slate of comedies.

The “Roseanne” spin off came in at 2.66 million viewers, the lowest numbers ever for the series and lowest this season. The show dropped 12% from its last outing, too. “The Conners” has lost over 1 million viewers since the beginning of the season.

Will it be renewed for a 5th season? In all likelihood yes since ABC has nothing to replace it. But this would be the finale, I should think.

The rest of the slate was all under 3 million per show– “The Goldbergs,” “Home Economics,” “The Wonder Years”, and “A Million Little Things” which had less 2 million viewers.

NBC won the night with their Dick Wolf “Chicago” slate, of course.

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