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Is Anna Wintour’s Met Gala a possible super spreader for celebrities?

According to the New York Times, two new subvariants of COVID-19 are spreading fast through our fair city.

The NY State Department of Health has issued a warning for New York, as well. Read it here.

Some recent large gatherings in the city where guests went maskless — even with checks for vaccinations — have sent people home sick.

On April 11th, there were 6,917 new cases of COVID. Almost everyone you talk to is suddenly reporting friends or family who are sick despite having three or four shots.

The Met Ball is set for May 2nd. Rihanna, showing off her pregnancy, might want to think twice about setting foot beyond the photo op. Many other stars, particularly those working on Broadway shows or upcoming movies, may be hesitant to be cheek by jowl with a thousand others also unmasked and possibly not fully vaxxed.

In particular, I’m thinking of Hugh Jackman, who’s already had COVID so severe that “The Music Man” had to pause performances. Ditto Sarah Jessica Parker, a Met Ball regular, who hasn’t yet returned to “Plaza Suite” after testing positive.

Wintour may be left with just Karsdashians and other reality stars. They, of course, are immune to all human health issues.

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