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“Father Stu” needs prayers. Or a Hail Mary.

Last night’s opening at the box office pre-Easter was a disappointment for sure. The Mark Wahlberg-Mel Gibson faith movie scored just $1.550 million at the box office. And that was at 2,700 theaters.

If things don’t pick up quickly for the padre, Sony will have a lot of questions. But with just a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s uncertain that a mass audience will turn up over the weekend to give “Father Stu” absolution.

Gibson is a turn off to 90% of the audience. Wahlberg overweight and not particularly engaging doesn’t help. Plus, Gibson’s baby mama, Rosalind Ross, who’s never directed a feature film, was put in charge of this mess. So we’ll see how things develop this week.

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