Home Television “General Hospital” Pulled Yesterday’s Episode at Last Minute Because of Gun Violence

There were a lot of questions yesterday about what happened to the Tuesday episode of “General Hospital.”

At the last minute ABC pulled the daily episode of the soap and played a rerun.

Now we know why.

The soap, which includes a lot of mobster stories, had gun violence at its conclusion. The episode played today instead because, I guess, we’ve forgotten everything that happened yesterday. (That’s a good soap plot.)

But yesterday in Brooklyn, a man named Frank James allegedly shot 10 people, wounded more, and set off smoke bombs. He was on the lam for more than 24 hours and finally apprehended today in the East Village.

Since all news programs were focused on the shooting, ABC obviously felt it was disrespectful to show armed men appear in a bar and threaten its owners on “GH.”

Overreaction? Probably. But ABC is skittish about everything these days. And today, it was back to the usual mayhem on the soap.

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